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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hay bail House

This is Matt s new project he is going to build a playhouse out of hay! He is so excited he is like a little kid at Christmas! I guess elder Uchdorf was right! In his talk at the General Relief Society conference he said it feels so good to create! We all should create something!!! I love Matt so much! He is such a hard worker, he is goal oriented. He is the best dad! He is so much fun and not to mention he is smokin hot!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Starting Fresh

I was trying to change my background and ended up erasing lots of things on
my blog. so i decided to start all over:)

Matt Has started his own blog here is the link check it out! Epicdistance.blogspot.com
he is going to start writing about his adventures and it will be very fun to read! He is going to start hosting runners retreats! He will write about his adventures on his blog.
we want everyone to know about his new passion to help others reach thier goals with running and to make lasting memmories! So please pass on his blog link here it is again Epicdistance.blogspot.com