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Monday, March 30, 2009

Then and Now

Happy Anniversary

once a hippie always a hippie

Can you believe it has been 9 years! It truly has been the best nine years of my life! I love you

Babe! you are the love of my life!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Look what the stork dropped by our house

Olivia Skye Ward
Born March 12th 7:39 a.m.
6 lbs 6 ounces 17 1/4 "

We are so happy to announce the birth and arrival of our newest princess livvy! What an amazing experience adoption is. Matt and I decided about a year ago that we wanted more children, but I get so sick so we decided to start the adoption process! we have a family in our ward that is adopting through Ethiopia and we thought it would be fun to adopt at the same time as them so we could possibly travel together to get our kids.
My mom works at the hospital in the newborn Icu as the parent support guru! and a women who works for the adoption agency Heart to Heart was adopting a baby who was born early at this same hospital and became friends with my mom. My mom told her that we were thinking about adopting and Shelly insisted that we come to her home and talk to her! (shelly had just brought her precious preemie home and invited us over when no one was allowed in her home cuz of germs! doctors orders! she treated us like family and told us of her adoption story and let us know that their is a need here in the us for adoption, but told us it was our decision what ever we felt our course was!
Matt and i left feeling great we immediately decided we needed to get the ball rolling and look into heart to heart. I remember in june we prayed every night for our birth mom! by the end of september we had our home study approved and our application sent to Heart to Heart. At the time we really wanted a boy and we were called a couple of times about a baby girl! but we said we wanted a boy!
At the end of November we got a call and Twins were born and we had to decide if they were ours I wanted them to be my babies so badly I was so anxious and emotional. We prayed, fasted and went to the Temple and we were so confused we wanted these babies so bad why couldn't we decide. we asked our bishop for blessings and he had us come over on a fri. night at 10:30. As soon as he was done giving s our blessings we knew that they were not ours. It was so hard to say no! I cried all night long!
The End of Janurary Heart to Heart called again on a Monday night and said that a baby girl had been born and that the birth mom was bringing her in on Tuesday. They wanted to know if they could show our profile and if she picked us we could bring the baby home on wed. We were so excited even though it was not a boy we got all the girl clothes out washed them and were ready! the next morning I got a phone call and was told that the mom decided to keep her baby! Wow talk about an emotional roller coaster I called Matt at worked and we cried together ( he thought i was calling him to say lets go get our baby! I called Heart to Heart the next day to see about any other babies that were going to be born she told me about one that stuck in my mind (we will call her Donna( for privacy purposes ) but they were not sure if they were going to match her soon or not there were complications. she told me about some others but nothing i felt good about. They told me that they would keep in touch.
The next morning I got a call again about a mom in Mississippi and we would have to go out there for two weeks. no not interested but what about Donna? They would call me back.
the next week heart to heart called and said they were ready to match Donna I said great show her our profile. I felt so good about this until I called and talked to Matt. He told me that maybe we should wait because we did not have the money! He was right. but I was so mad and told him to call and let them know! I was done it was to emotional for me! I was ready to start throwing up for nine months straight!
Matt got busy at work and did not have time to call. the following morning I got a call from Heart to Heart Donna wanted to have a conference call in 20 minutes. Matt was snowshoeing so i would have to do it by my self. What would I say! I hope she likes my voice. all sorts of crazy thing went through my head! We talked and it was great. Matt finally called and we conference him in we talked for about 15 minutes and Heart to Heart called me 5 minutes after that and said that she had picked us! WE were so Happy.
I am gonna go to be but my next entry will be about our first dinner With Donna!