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Monday, April 20, 2009

Our beautiful Alice AKA Baby Mamma

First time we met Alice our birth moms real name, she is ok to share. I was nervous, what should we say, what should we talk about, I hope she likes us, what if she change her mind? We met at Red lobster funny cuz she dose not really like seafood:, but she was brave and tried some of Matts Scallops. Matt and I got to the restaurant before Alice I had butterfly's in my tummy and could hardly wait to meet her. Cindy our case worker was there and helped us feel more relaxed ( thanks Cindy you are amazing!) Alice finally arrived about ten minutes later she was so pretty and very nervous. she would not look at us until about half way through the dinner! WE had a hard time understanding her at first because she has a cute Georgian accent. She did not ask too many question! we asked most of them so we could get to know her better! One question that we did ask her is why did she pick us! She said that our profile was just like the others but we just caught her eye that there was this powerful feeling that she could not explain! ( Matt and I were both teary eyed) The lord knows where these children are going! Livvy is meant to be ours and Alice is meant to be our birth mom! Alice is so sweet and very smart! She likes to write poetry, play basketball, photography and loves the beach. My kind of girl! We asked what she would want us to tell our little girl about her? She said she would think about it and let us know! After dinner we decided we wanted to get together again before baby was born so she could meet our kids and we could meet her lilttle boy! we decided that Classic skate would be the perfect place!

We met at Classic skate. Alice had an amazing gift for us she had put together a scrapbook and a three page letter to livvey telling her how much she is loved! It is amazing and I can't wait to give it to Olivia one day! We had so much fun and instantly became friends. Its getting late and I am so tired stay tuned for the day Livvy is born!


Nicole said...

wow, what an amazing story! I am so happy for you both! You are both such wonderful people!

s.lloyd said...

What a great story. Congratulations you guys.

Ben and Heidi said...

How great is this! Thanks for sharing