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Friday, October 2, 2009

Officially ours!

What an awesome day! Sept 22nd 2009! Liv is officially ours! I did not realize that court would be such an emotional experience for me. We went over all of the questions my attorney would ask me and I thought piece of cake! When we were at court the judge asked me how our lives have been since Liv was placed with us! The tears started coming and I could barley talk my mind and heart were filled with all sorts of emotions and thought All I could say was " we love her so much and could not imagine life with out her." Next it was Matts turn he could not even talk he was crying like a baby and said that he loves her just as much as all of his other children.
I wish I could have shared more! I know she was meant to be in our family. Liv is a little Angel sent to us from Heaven. ( A lot of people ask me where she is from and that is exactly where she came from Heaven!) She is so sweet and good nature d. She wakes up every morning just talking and gooing! She rarely complains only when she is really hungry or when her diaper is soiled (she gets really mad, she does not like to be dirty). She is sitting on her own and rolling all around. She a lover , gives kisses and likes to cuddle. Taj , Kaiya ,and Marley love her to pieces and hug and squeeze her all the time. Liv loves this she just smiles and seems very content to let them throw her around! Taj was so cute, he said that morning " Mom I really, really want to keep Livvy can we?" My heart melted!. I am so thankful that she is official ours in the state or governments mind, but I can not wait until Matt and I kneel across the alter in the Temple with all of our children and seal her to us for eternity!
I want to thank Alice for her selfless decision to give Liv a better life! We will give her the best life we possibly can and love her unconditionally! we love you Alice thank you for our precious gift from Heaven!


Kim Ward said...

We are so happy for y ou. lkShe is beutiful, wish we could see her a little more frequently. When is the sealing date?

Ben and Heidi said...

So glad she is officially yours! She is such a little beautiful thing and truely is meant for your family