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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yay!! i am posting again! I decided i need to start blogging again to document our lives a little bit better! So I have a lot of catching up to do! Matt and i are blessed with so many wonderful friends the type who would do anything for you! We are so lucky! We had the opportunity to go to costa rica in jan. with some of these friends! Court, Just, Angie, and Tim. We had so much fun ! we were gone 10 days the weather was perfect! we exercised everyday, went to the beach, went hiking, ate good food, went deep sea fishing!( not my favourite part of the trip) i threw up all 4 hours and wanted to die:) Saw monkeys, and giant crocs! went to the national park ! played in the ocean and read books! just what i needed! Thanks for the fun times!

Hiked to the waterfalls one day. Justin and court were the only brave ones to jump into the merky water!

Me and my cute best friend! I love you matt! thanks for taking me on fun adventures!


cyndi said...

so jealous. Horray for blogging again!

Kim Ward said...

Look at your smokin hot body. You've got to give me a work out plan Alissa. You look amazing! Looks like fun